Balaton kerékpáros régió Kalandozás a Füredi borvidéken, Piros K

Länge 24 km
310 m
310 m

Route description, explanation of signs

The trail numbers on this tour are: 245, 240, the tour is marked as red K. Low-traffic public roads: 3.7 km, public roads: 7.6 km, agricultural roads 6.7 km, bike paths: 5.7 km.

Difficulty factors in the tour

Between kilometres 5 and 6 the route runs on a stony agricultural path. This short, slightly ascending section is somewhat challenging. From the Tamások Pincéje wine bar to the main road to Pécsely, a stony agricultural road runs. Due to the poor quality of the road, you have to adjust your speed properly for 2 km.


If you want to experience more in the nature than the swans swimming in the lake or the reeds on the edge of Lake Balaton, it is enough to jump on the bike and ride to Tihany and back. Everybody can easily take the challenge, even with children and grandparents, since there are only a few climbs on the easy bike route, which runs mostly on the safe cycle path, and climbs don't last forever. But what you should definitely pack in your rucksack: binoculars, field guides to the animals and plants of the region as well as a camera. Because this route is actually a discovery trip for the passionate naturalist in you, keen to get to know the flora and fauna of Lake Balaton: you can taste sour water, discover the remains of once active volcanoes, listen to the hard-working bees humming in the lavender fields, watch horses, Hungarian grey cattle or even European ground squirrels, field hares and foxes. Impressive and diverse nature. Instead of the vibrant Balaton lifestyle, here you will experience something different: silence, peace and the small joys of life. Simply natural.

Detailed tour description

The starting point of the tour is the promenade Anna sétány on the Balaton Cycling Circuit. From there, follow trail 245 marked as red K. The bike path along the stream takes you to the centre of the old town of Balatonfüred. At the famous Red Church you turn left, pass the White Church and cycle past one of the most famous wineries of Balatonfüred, the Koczor Winery. The entire route runs on a paved local road with almost no car traffic. This takes you to the private estate Villa Vitae, where you turn onto a gravel agricultural road that leads through the vineyards. After about 1 km uphill, you reach the outskirts of Balatonszőlős. But before that you have to pass through the gate of a game fence, which is always open for cyclists. However, it is very important to always close the gate behind you, as there is a lot of game in the area that can damage the vineyards. When arriving in Balatonszőlős you cross the outskirts of the village and then cycle towards Gella Hill, passing beautifully cultivated vineyards on the slopes below Gella Hill. Ride past the Tamások Pincéje, a typical wine cellar of the Balaton Highlands. You can visit the cellar by appointment and taste the winery's delicious house wine. From the cellar, the route takes you on an agricultural road to Pécsely. Here you join the low-traffic paved Pécsely-Tótvázsony road and arrive in Pécsely. There are three options for refreshments to recommend in Pécsely: the Zádor Bistro offers you delicious home cooking, and at the Balogh Cellar and the Mészáros Cellar you can sample the excellent wines of the Pécselyi Basin. From Pécsely ride on a low-traffic paved road through a beautiful scenery to Aszófő and cross the charming village to join the section of the Balaton Cycling Circuit that was completely reconstructed in 2021. A few hundred metres from the bike path you can fill up your water bottles at the Almás spring, which is located in a beautiful grove next to a church ruin. After the short detour, you return to the starting point in Balatonfüred on the Balaton Cycling Circuit.

Municipalities on the route: Balatonfüred, Balatonszőlős, Pécsely, Aszófő, Diós.



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