Balaton kerékpáros régió From city to magic kingdom – cycling along the Sió – blue A/B

Länge 18 km
59 m
59 m

Route description

A short tour in the southern area of Lake Balaton with a small elevation gain. The tour is recommended for those who are not confident about cycling longer distances. The route runs exclusively on paved roads and is therefore rideable all year round. The tour only takes public roads in the city centre, and so can be undertaken with small children from the Baross Bridge onwards.

Difficulty factors in the tour

The tour can be completed by anyone, regardless of fitness or cycling ability.


Only a few kilometres from the ever bustling centre of Siófok, peace prevails: a quiet fish pond, beautiful willow trees, breathtaking wildlife and the water itself await you. The 18-kilometre tour starts at the water tower in the heart of Siófok, where you can experience the lively sounds of the city centre. And the further you move away from the built-up area, the quieter the landscape becomes and nature takes over the role of the main speaker. It is an unforgettable experience to ride a tandem along the safe bicycle path, listening to the murmur of the reeds on the banks of the Sió and the unique singing of water birds. But not only your ears can enjoy the ride: you can taste delicious cakes, absorb the fresh scent of nature and feel the thrill of speed on your skin. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable, but easy to ride bicycle tour, do not hesitate - just pedal away on this route!

Municipalities on the route: Siófok, Siójut



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