Balaton kerékpáros régió Cycling in the green – or bird watching in the saddle – orange A, green A/E

Länge 35 km
377 m
377 m

Route description

A short tour in the southern Lake Balaton area with relatively little elevation gain. Most of the route is paved, but there are almost 10 km of dirt roads as well. Traffic is low on all public road sections on the route and they run inside villages so the tour is relatively safe and also recommended for bigger children. The dashed line on the map indicates an unpaved path.

Difficulty factors in the tour

On Jódi Hill, 1.4 km of the route leads over a gravel path, you have to ride with extra caution if using slimmer tyres. The dirt road between Alirét and the Cinege rest area is loamy and very slippery for a short time after a rain.


In the twinkling of an eye, you can leave the busy tourist town behind and cycle in the countryside, discover charming villages and viewpoints along the way. In Töreki there is a nature trail, a birdwatching site and a lookout point with a view on the valley of the Cinege brook and on the vineyards. A real curiosity of this route is the Képes tree, a 350-year-old Pedunculate Oak, which is a popular resting place for pilgrims on the forest road from Alirét to Ságvár. The route is characterized by medium elevation differences, a significant part leads through forests, there are also quite a few sand roads typical for the landscape of Somogy. Exercise and relaxing far from the towns, in the refreshing nature!

Municipalities on the route: Siófok, Balatonkiliti, Papkutapuszta, Siófok-Töreki, Töreki, Ságvár



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